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An Extra Large @medium Response

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After a bit of a rant posted on medium how medium’s rss feeds are messed up, I was pleased to see the post published there getting probably ore recommends than anything else I published there.

Not that’s what I aim for.

But I could not wag a tail more from getting a response from Nick Santos, wo essentially is the person who knows best how medium works

It Takes a Village To Read an RSS Feed

I appreciate the detailed response. Some of the points I raised (readability of source HTML, lack of presence of RSS buttons) are minor points. I didn’t know that there were WordPress related brute force attacks that caused Medium to shut off their site from curl requests.

I am not quite sure how I would know that.

What I do know now is (a) I was aware that medium had RSS feeds (b) I told someone who submitted their medium site to Connected Courses that their site would work (c) I found out that the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin will reject a URL like that has am “@” symbol in it (although it is a legal character in a URL) (d) that all of this is moot because there is no way for my Feed WordPress sites because blocks curl requests (what I do not know is how then are Feed Reader sites requesting RSS content).

Also, what I like is getting a rather rapid response from the source, thanks Nick.

Quite the rabbit hole.

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