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Hey! Stand up, code up, hack up! Just because [fill in the blank of your favorite web service that yanked the chain on a feature you adored] took away a feature, you are not powerless.

One of my long running favorite flickr features was the ability to annotate part of an image with notes, like making an interactive diagram — like this one, which is in my top most viewed flickr images.

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In the past, you could hover over part of the diagram, and a text bubble would appear with an explanation and a hypertext link.

This is an insanely useful tool for teachers. I can think of few subjects that you cannot find a use for annotating an image or diagram. Or, as I did as one of the 50+ Web Ways to Tell a Story, you could weave a choose your own adventure path through a series of flickr photos.




In its rather unpopular redesign earlier this year, flickr completely removed the notes functionality. Gone.

But thanks to Lisa Lane I am Unpawning Myself from flickr. We were actually discussing another Neutered Feature, the audio synced slidecasts from SlideShare, when she pointed out

And sure enough, when I checked her site there was a flickr image with its notes functional!

The answer is MBedr a site someone assembled that creates code that let’s you embed the notes functionality back in. There is no black magic, the flickr photos.getInfo api provides a means to request the notes data from an image.

So the data is there.

But flickr decided that you never get to see it on their site.

PAWN UP! Compare this image to the inert dead one above.

And not just that one, how about

Do not just take being pawned by [fill in the blank of your favorite web service that yanked the chain on a feature you adored] laying down. You have power

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The post "Unpawning Flickr Notes" was originally thawed from a previous ice age and melted at CogDogBlog ( on September 9, 2014.


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