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Just look at the wall color.

And who still has Harvest Gold appliances?

I’m feeling some restless urging for a new WordPress theming here. Checking my changelog it’s been almost five years since I changed things up (for which I received plenty of Jim Groom taunts).

It just feels dated.

The biggest “problem” is that all my WordPress sites done in the last 2 few years have always gone for a responsive heme design, one that flexes and flows to any screen width, from little biddy mobile phone to super wide Cinema. Or so they say.

I eyeballed a few new looks a while back, but took no action. This morning, I got a notice of new themes from Wrapbootstrap. I’ve had great luck with two of their general purpose HTML themes, one I have used for my own calling card, a presentation resource, for Mariana Funes and even the Storybox— and another one I used for my friend’s restaurant, The Randall House.

I’m drawn to the options and visual orientation of a new Bootstrap based WordPress theme there- Welite. I can go with the sparse text layout and/or the more pinteresty block masonry block look.

If I was doing a sound design process, I’d probably use one of those plugins that allow me to polish the theme, and make a big grand announcement when its ready.

Where’s the fun there?

So I shall be likely tinkering and fiddling and changing things here on the front page. Out in the open.

Not that anyone really gives a hoot.


Getting ready to tear down the wallpaper…

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