In past years I have done the extensive mailing of hand made letters/cards to friends and family. I have also done nothing too. I’ve done web based greetings. I’ve done lame text messages.

Gotta mix up the game.

With being away from home in Canada since late October, the plans for anything year end have had their power knob turned down way below 1. Heck for thanksgiving, I went out for Mexican food. I love that.

On a whim last weekend, I bought a four pack of hand made holiday cards from a group of girl scouts working the crowd outside of a food co-op in Seattle. I first reached in my wallet, and had only $9 US; they were not equipped to take my pretty Canadian cash, so I went in the story and bought something so I could use my ATM card and get cash.

That of course has little relevance. But I do have these 4 beautiful cards, one of which is going to my cousin and her partner who’s home in Vancouver I am occupying for like 2+ weeks. The three others will likely go to the first friends I visit with here,

Everyone else gets a URL. But here ya go, one card for the internet.

A hand made girl scout card. It's yours.

A hand made girl scout card. It’s yours.

I could rummage through this year’s blog posts and list all the stuff I did or recall the highlights of the year. It’s been pretty good. I’m still making a go of life without a full time job; and this was the first year I made all my expenses off of various consulting gigs and invited talks (without leaning on the savings account, which is pretty much thin).

What crazy fortunate I can have this free wheeled life. I love my little home in Strawberry, Arizona.

I planned on being rather homesick after 2 plus months away, but I’m not. I do look forward to being back, and getting more use out of the refurbished bathroom and kitchen I did this year (with help on the latter from my sister and brother-in-law).

I have given up trying to fully explain why I prefer being there, but it just feels right for me. I really do not want to relocate my life at this time; I’m happy with this bits of time away, but if there is any way to manage it, I want to be based there. So if someone needs some online work I can do (ahem, stop self thinking, Alan!).

It was wonderful for my cousin and her daughter (whom I met for the first time) come up and visit in January. They were out here from Maryland for a gymnastics thing.

It’s been a year too of drawing closer and spending some time to my three grown step-children; I am currently a 4 time grandpa CogDog, the latest being Elijah whom I held on a visit as I left Arizona in October

Uh oh I might be going through the year. Let’s bop around. I got to teach an online course in digital storytelling at George Mason University, had an intense travel stretch in March – June, upstate New York, Colorado, The UK, Virginia, New York City. I skipped a trip to California in July. I had a road trip in August to see friends in Southern AZ and Colorado. September brought a visit to Arlington Texas and a fast-paced two week tour of New Zealand (my rule, never ever ever refuse an opportunity go to New Zealand).

And here I am in the middle of a wonderful four month fellowship at Thompson Rivers University, in Kamloops BC. It’s wonderful not only for the chance to do some prolonged work and not worry about picking up contract work, but better because it’s four months to hangout with my long time friend and colleague Brian, who helped arrange this gig.

Plus I had the luxury of driving here from Arizona, making it a chance to visit friends Zack, Sandy, Tim, Mike, Jen, and now doing a lot more of this with friend in Vancouver.

I feel fortunate/lucky/blessed/ … well everything. All the feelings. Luckiest man alive speech here.

And that’s 2014 in a convoluted, missing a bunch of detail cheapo excuse for a holiday card/greeting to you. Sorry for all the omissions.

Can I have more of this in 2015? I hope so.

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  1. Yeah, it’s on and it’s great to hear you had a good year. Even with the constant connection and ambient presence, a more thorough reflection/update provides context and depth to the ongoing banter. Cheers, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Remember you always have a room here in Moose Jaw.

  2. Getcher hippie tie dye camoflage right here in Blue Jeans, Oregon, where the door is always open if your name is Cog the Dog.

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