It’s your birthday today Mom, and all I got you was a blog post. Again.

I bet you are making cookies, as you do on Sundays. I would call… but I cannot. And no one can enjoy those chocolate chip cookies and what was more valuable, the gift of a bag of your cookies.

Mom would have been 86 today. I must have done the subtraction 3 times, 2015-1929, thinking the number was not right. It must be more. It was right. Four years since the last time I could call Mom for a birthday greeting.

She loved Herb Alpert’s music. In that photo is one of the 1960s vintage tables I remember from the living room of our house in Baltimore. The tables were there when we cleaned out her house in 2011.

Back at home in Strawberry, I have maybe six of the Herb Alpert LPs that she still had in her house, the ones that were on the shelves in our wood paneled basement family room, the one with the Zenith tube record player. Maybe I need to sit down and listen to them all.

In one of our recorded conversations, she told me, in sequence, about her enjoyment of the Herb Alpert music’s beat and her reason for baking and sharing cookies.

I’d like to picture her dancing on that beach with Herb and the band.

Happy 86th, Mom.

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  1. I love hearing her voice. She was with me in spirit yesterday when I walked on the beach. I even talked to some seagulls like she used to do!

  2. So hard to believe that mom is gone. Not a day goes by that I don’t talk to her and miss her. Mom would have been 86 and still making cookies. When I make my chocolate chip cookies and give them away, I can see mom smiling and saying as she always did, “It doesn’t take much to make someone smile. Just look for someone who is not happy and give them a bag of cookies!” It always works!! Thank you for always keeping her alive on your blog as she is in our hearts!

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