In the process of making my last post I was compelled for reasons not work explaining to generate an animated GIF using as an overlay, the numbers display like in the movie The Matrix.

I really do not need to link or embed that, do I?

I did find what I was looking for searching Google Images for Matrix Animated GIF and found the one I sought:

google images giphy

The link to the image got me what I sought, but Because Attribution, I failed to find the source of the image; the link from Google Images for Visit Page lead me instead to — not the source.

Let’s do some URL dissection- my hunch is in the URL that A06UFEx8jxEwU is a database ID. brings me some sort of XML error / access denied message

But just playing with that to try does the trick- that ID is part of the file name, and thus this is the GIF’s actual reference URL

This in turn leads to a “source” at a site called Pics and Photos where… I don’t even find the image.


But the point here is having some knowledge of URLs helps out. Or maybe it doesn’t

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