The difference between the photo above and trying to get help from twitter is that there are no dogs on the inside of the door.

A new twitter account created for an upcoming educational project in Mexico– essentially does not exist beyond the limits of looking at the account. Yet I get bombarded daily by spammy bot accounts that seem to be able to go in and out the door as often as they please.

UPDATE: Oh dear. I may have made an internet dog poop of myself. I believe I was searching on a typo of that account! I strike out all my rant below, and leave ot hear for legacy of how stupid I can be.

The account @AgoraUgD was created on May 27, it has as seeds of proof 29 tweets sent out by me, it is following 89 others, has 22 followers. It has favorites, retweeted, been retweeted. These are all the things that are supposed to indicate It’s a Real Person Behind The Account. I am following the Twitter Rules as well as what twitter describes as best practices.

Oh yes, you can see the account. If you know it’s there. But the tell tale of the problem is that the account does not show up in search

Why do you not find my tweets., @twitter?

Why do you not find my tweets., @twitter?

So I investigate Why am I Missing From Search?.

  • I am NOT viewing only Top results.
  • My tweets are not protected.
    agora privacy
  • I have confirmed my email address; there is no red warning of email issues.
  • My name and bio is filled out:
    What, twitter, you no like my name? My bio? Is it my deodorant?

    What, twitter, you no like my name? My bio? Is it my deodorant?

  • I am using Twitter actively (see numbers above) I am Tweeting, Retweeting, and mentioning regularly to gain resonance amongst my followers so that search results are up to date for my account yet I am still locked out of search.

So I go to the twitter help section. They ask How Can I Help? I go to Search. I click Report a Problem and somehow miss the blue box notice:

Our support team reviews reports about bugs and broken features. Though we cannot respond to individual reports, the information provided helps us make Twitter better for everyone. We appreciate your help!

But hey, maybe someone actually is behind the door. I report the problem. This is the end of the line:

twitter no help

I cannot tell you how warm I feel that I am helping make twitter better everyone.

What about me?

I tweet out at the locked door.

I’ll try some tweets from my regular account

I look to the twitter support account. Look at what they are spending their time on

So I have a technical issue with twitter. I have followed ever suggestion (and then some). And I am still locked out. I know I am just some small meaningless crumb of a user in their quest to grow for the sake of growth. My issue pales among others on their list.

Does anyone have an inside twitter pipeline? Because the ability for our faculty development project to effectively use twitter is now in doubt. To me, today, twitter seems more to serve the needs of bots and marketers.

I… do…. not… matter… but spammers and bots do?

Top / Feature image credit: flickr photo by Tobyotter shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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