It started as just some tweets, making fun of buzz words with Laura Gibbs and Bill Fitzgerald

This the day before I left for DML 2015, and an idea to do something at the conference- I put an idea in a doc and sent it to Laura… we added a few words.

The idea was to have these lists of words on cards (or I put them in a spiral) and ask people at DML to say them as if it was the most exciting thing ever. Here are the words:

I ended up with 15 people, I could have done more, or edited more tightly, or… but this is enough. Right?

The music was ccmixter CC0 music by Forkboy– “Dubstep Beat 150” … and Molly Ransome put the killer attitude on the close.

Tell me how many people you can recognize, and if they are giving it their all.

Thanks for playing.

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  1. Well, it was fun to see Friends Saying Words with Ize, but I didn’t see any of my True Friends in there. But my web form is still open for them if they want to submit an application and meet the Criteria.

    But it was still a nice Art that you made Alan, plus the video of all the words on a spiral with a Dubstep.

  2. Love it! Love that you made me part of it :) sooo cute! And nice to hear the backstory behind it :) wouldn’t it be cool if each conference had something like this for a souvenir? :)

  3. A lot of familiar faces there.

    To play w Maha’s idea a bit- It’d be fun to extend the conference with some sort of remix of submitted media to create a remix/souvenir/vacation video (mechanical style and human curated). You could have regular stuff and do prompts like this. CC license it etc.

    We’ll do it next time at ALT Fest.

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