Pure silliness. I plopped one of the major scientific academic disciplines in front of “.com” and ended up on a dating site.

It’s legit. Domain names are the wild west (I am hoping to pick up a special vanity domain soon). But this turned into a funny 30 minutes of diversion as I saw where I ended up. Thankfully, Geology, the subject I studied, offers no surprise at Geology.com.

Here’s a matching game. I have 14 academic disciplines listed in the image below in the left column; randomized on the right are the kinds of sites you end up with when you “.com” them. How well can you guess’ em?

Can you match the discipline

Can you match the discipline to the kind of site you get when you put them inside “www. _______.com”? Click to cheat and see the answers

Kind of ironic that the site I found the images above for comes from Education.com a site that looks like offers info/resources for parents and teachers (?). I found there a Matching List Reading Worksheet Generator. I would have generated the PDF worksheets, but they wanted to me to create an account before giving me the goods, so I just snaked a screen grab.

Consider this attribution.

If you want to cheat you can investigate the disciplines I listed:

There’s a fair bit of squatting on many of these domains. I doubt there will be much reclaiming of them going on.

I pass no judgment here; it’s just more of my weird curiosity at work.

It seems oddly relevant, given some prime ed tech domains are available today!


The Pick a Domain Blindly Game, fun for dogs of all sizes

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