Ok Rocky. I’ve asked nicely for a story of connection to share in the October 2015 K12 Online Conference. I made a new video. I cleaned up the call for stories. I’ve sent direct emails, DMs.

I got 10 so far, thanks Alyson, Dean, Teresa, Cathy, Andy, Kathy, Claudia, Kevin, and Heather. #ThatGlassIsPartlyFullRight

I saw a heap o’ retweets.

Frankly, cough, the retweet is a nice bonus, but, well, falls short of the ask.

A few blogged stories. That’s great, but I really want to hear you story, in your own voice. That is really, really important to what I am trying to build. Do not forget the power of the human voice. You do not have to plant your face on the video, aim the camera elsewhere, but tell it in your voice, because it is your story. Own it.

So the place is surrounded, me and the cops are banging at your door.

Where is your story of connection? Do you really have nothing to tell anyone about benefitting of an internet enabled connection? Not one? Zada? Zip?

I am guessing many people are overthinking the ask. So a few non-rules/suggestions:

  • It does not have to be a world shaking story It’s not about how “amazing” it is, but just what it meant for you. The whole thing is that the things that happened that are most interesting were not anticipated or expected.
  • It does not have to be a Big Video Production Go simple. I go overboard because I like making videos. But the best approach is to do a One Take video, just talk it out. Speak like we are having a conversation on your porch or at the coffee shop, and you are just talking about this experience you had. Or just sit in the car and talk to the camera.
  • There is no time limit I suggested 3-5 minutes, that is not a rule. Do yuo thnk I can be that picky? That’s just a suggestion to make it compact.
  • There is plenty of time I do not need to really have these until late September. I will be compiling clips and adding my own commentary for the keynote I am doing for the K12 Online Conference, which is done in a 20-30 minute video format

Okay Rocky. I’m knocking at your door. You best come out with your video ready. Don’t mess with the Wabbit Dog.


Just press record and start telling, post it somewhere, and zing it my way.

Are there really only 10 stories out there? Seriously?

I will keep amping this up. You do not want to see that happen.

Top / Featured Image Credits- Screen cap of You Might Rabbit You Might on YouTube most likely illegal reuse of YouTube Standard License. At least I’m honest.

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