A few clicks ago, my friend/colleagued Geoff tweeted a suggesting for participants to use prompts from his Vermont Young Writers Project (a great project itself)


Maha Bali picked up on this as a resource, and I piped in about offering ones I have used before for setting up DS106 Daily Creates. If you have hung around here any amount of time you will know the Dailies have been a big part of my practice the last few years.

This interest started for me with doing the photography Daily Shoot a few years (no longer in service, sniff), which we rolled into DS106 as the first Daily Create (a string of 1334 daily exercises) and its newer incarnation which is about 50 deep into its run.

This new version is the product of the WordPress template I created to spin out more Daily _______s. I’ve rolled this out as the You Show Daily (53 done), the UdG Agora Daily Try (140 done), and for Mariana Funes as the Daily Stillness (113).

Mariana took over the DS106 one for me more than a year ago. We have conversations about the creativity of creating these exercises, but that’s another topic. But I have done well over 1000 of these, sometimes repurposing. They are all available as a place to find prompts of some sort.

But I also plucked ideas from other sites, such as:

I don’y heavily rely on these sites unless my brain is really dead on ideas. I see all kinds of web sites on a regular basis that offer ideas for shaping into a Daily. In fact, I find those more interesting.

Top / Featured Image credits: Public Domain Images photo licensed CC0 aka public domain http://www.public-domain-image.com/free-images/wallpapers/sunset-fishing

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  1. I second what Kevin says. Whenever I need an idea or an example or a resource in the world of imagination and digital storytelling I head straight to Cog Dog’s well.

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