With western106 blastin’ out of the gate like a wild bucking bronco we’re gonna spring something else on ya that starts this week.


Sure radio did not exist until the very late or even past where you might mark the end of the western era, let’s imagine what it woulda been like for western folks to have the ability to broadcast radio.

On the internet.

Public Domain image from pixabay

Public Domain image from pixabay

So in honor of one of our own favorite western movies, High Noon, and for others who make it “possible the all-time best Western film ever made” we are going to be doing a live radio show on the internet every Wednesday at high noon Mountain Time (what other time zone matters?).

You’ll have to do yer own figurin’ what time that is where you rest yer boots (this might help for the first show).

How will you listen? Why just tune yer web browser to this frequency http://ds106rad.io/listen — we are sending this out on DS106 Radio.

You will get more experience listen’ to this station as time goes by. We have regular scheduled slots for where you can hear the archives of the shows as well as other Western Stuff. Ole Paul Bond, who is teachin the DS106 West gang at UMW in Vir–gin-ee-ya is going to run his own show too. When we start teachin’ audio, you will get to learn even hw to go on the radio yerself.

Imagine that, YOU, on the radio. Heck it, if I can do it… And after the middle of the course, when y’all have sweated and toiled to produce your own group radio show, why your radio shows will be premiered LIVE on the radio.

How This Dang Thing Works

We will give y’all some heads up earlier on Wednesday how to tune in. As you are listen’ you can talk or throw cow pies back at us via twitter, using the hashtag. And we’ll talk back at ya (or toss them cowpies too).

There won’t be no script or videos of professors sittin in front of books. Just ray-dee-oh. You can use yer imagination to see us. It will be conversational, and we are not sure what might happen. Hopefully we won’t need to call in Marshall Brown to break up any fights.

Each week we will have guests on the show (Paul Bond will be a co-host and bring in the news from his western106 course gang. We are makin;’ this in the middle of the week so we can talk about the most recent work tasks as people start them, or we may talk about what happened last week, or we may talk about the time when Jim Groom fell in the big pot o’ beans.

Here is a tentative schedule, definitely subject to changes and movin’ stuff around.

“What happens I miss a show?” Well you could cry into yer hanky, but we will aim to post an archive recording here and share out to the twitters.

“Hey! I want to be on the radio show!” We’d love to have you- just zap a comment way down below, and we will get in touch with ya. All you need is a Skype account, we call you into the show. And you just sit and say smart things. Easy.

“I wanna do my own show!” Just keep her britches on- we will let you know during our first audio unit (in about 4 weeks) how you too can broadcast on the Ray-Dee-Oh.

Tentative Schedule

Date Time Topic Guests
Jan 13 12pm MT Unit 1 Blog Riding Camp: blogs, western stories in general, open?? The DS106 Way (DS106 Art on the Couch, DS106: Teaching an ethos by Haley a student)

Readings Frederick Jackson Turner (1893) The Significance of the Frontier in American History,  How the Western Was Lost (and Why it Matters) (The Atlantic)

Mariana Funes
Jan 20 12pm MT Unit 2 Blog Riding Camp; same, plus animated GIFs. Western Comedies? Jim Groom, Ken Bauer
Jan 27 12pm MT Unit 3 Blog Shape of Stories and Characters: storytelling, what works, developing characters, archetypes (see the Making of John Wayne)  of stereotypes as western characters, e.g. role of women, black cowboys, Latinos (see Diversity of the West) Women of The Wild West documentary 11:00 am Pacific time. Pending Molly’s okay, a three way conversation with Molly Gloss and Sandy Brown Jensen
Feb 3 12pm MT Unit 4 Photography and Visual Storytelling photos, graphics, Bryan Alexander; I can emphasize the storytelling bit
Feb 10 12pm MT Unit 5 Audio Storytelling: listening to audio stories, radio shows, music? Grant Potter
Feb 17 12pm MT Unit 6 Elements of Visual Design – graphics, posters, design concepts Amy Burvall!
Feb 24 12pm MT Unit 7 Advanced Audio: Audio editing, radio show production, music, scores, foley
Mar 2 12pm MT break
Mar 11 12pm MT Unit 7 Advanced Audio: continued Audio editing, radio show production. Video scores, western music, parody songs? David Kernohan (moved this show to Friday) also Grant Potter
Mar 16 12pm MT Unit 8: Reading Movies: intro to video, film, live radio show premiers Scott Leslie
Mar 23 12pm MT Unit 9: Making Video: video editing, video stories D’Arcy Norman
Mar 30 12pm MT Unit 10: Remix and Mashup John Johnston
Apr 6 12pm MT Unit 10: Remix and Mashup (continued)
Apr 13 12pm MT Final Projects, whole stories
Apr 20 12pm MT Final Projects, whole stories
Apr 27 12pm MT ??

We hope to hear your tweets this Wednesday.  Our first guest is a cowgirl from the old country, England or United Fishdom or.. you know. Mariana Funes has tons of experience being an open participant in DS106, she has ran with quite a few different iterations, does her own radio show with John Johnston, she and her dog learned to GIF and make great movees. She has great insight into what new blog riders need for ds106.

Okay, set yer calendars for High Noon (Mountain Time, find yer own dang time), January 13 and click to listen to us at http://ds106rad.io/listen.

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