Today’s DS106 / Western Daily Create was to do some “research” on spaghetti westerns:

This is one of those tasks that could be as simple as tweeting a link like Paul Bond’s refernece to a Mario Bava western, or the more in depth analysis of Johnny Guitar as a Bavatuesdays blog post by Jim Groom (oh the bava-dipity).

That’s why we love the Daily Create, you can drive it anyway you like. I worded today’s vaguely, somewhat as a change up from the easier to do visual / photography ones.

I was watching a documentary last week on The Spaghetti West where towards the end they refer to later work by Sergio Leone — My Name is Nobody starring Terance Hill and Henry Fonda.

poster from TV Tropes

poster from TV Tropes

I’ve not yet seen it (but as I am finding there is an almost limitless supply of full length westerns on YouTube, here is the full version, but as I have read, it’s almost a bit of Leone spoofing his own genre. Terance Hill, born Mario Giotti (half Italian, half German) had a run of successful westerns as sort of a wise cracking, almost goofball shooter, in contrast to the almost silent brooding Clint Eastwood (man with no name) characters in Leone’s earlier work.

My Name Is Nobody (1973) is an Affectionate Parody of the Spaghetti Western, originally released in Italy as Il mio nome è Nessuno and starring Henry Fonda as an aging, legendary gunslinger named Jack Beauregard who wants nothing more than to retire in peace, and Terence Hill as “Nobody”, a man who idolized Beauregard and wants to see him die in a blaze of glory fighting singlehanded against the infamous Wild Bunch.

This Wild Bunch Fonda’s character takes on is a gang of 150!

The trailer does a nifty job of mixing the minimalist poster style of the era with the scene footage.

I have some interest in the films that signal the impeding end of the wild west (the Shootist, John Wayne), Dead Man (Johnny Depp), and… and… well I am learning.

Okay, this is gone farther than a Daily Create typically does.

NOBODY should watch My Name is Nobody, NOBODY! (I will)

Top / Featured Image credit: screen grab at 2:18 in My Name is Nobody trailer found on YouTube

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  1. Love, love, love My Name is Nobody, even blogged about it with GIFs a number of years ago: It’s awesome, and if you are digging Westerns that frame the impending end of the west, I think my very favorite film of the genre, The Wild Buch, is just that. Aging gunslingers who finally decide to do something that matters. So good!

    I love the Western.

  2. Well, just to add to the list of good things to come out of today’s Daily Create, award-winning writer Molly Gloss, whose themes are western mythology in American culture, and the roles of women in the literature of the West, picked up my Tumblr Daily Create
    and posted it on her social media with commentary–I am feeling quite pleased about that!
    This “My Name is Nobody” trailer is terrific. I love the action silhouettes and would sure like to know how to do that. And those amazing horse tricks! Actually, a lot of horses got hurt in Hollywood doing stunts like that, but they certainly are dramatic.

    This movie looks self-deprecating and ironic and pretty darn funny, so I, too, will give it a try.
    Pretty good post for a sick guy!

  3. I have strong memories of several scenes from My Name is Nobody. I saw the movie on television when was a kid.

    There is definitely a “passing of the torch” that takes place in the film, and it is indeed self-aware of the spaghetti western genre.

    Specifically, watch for the silly quick-draw scenes involving Nobody’s saddle, and the poignant shaving scenes (there’s a nice parallel between the beginning and the end). I still have A vivid recollection of Henry Fonda’s eyes from the closing scene. You have to watch right to the end to understand.


  4. Well, it was an interesting one to find out that Nobody was Lucky Luke when he got old. I never knew that. But before he was Nobody, he was a partner of Bud called Trinity. I did know that. Boy, he sure had a lot of tricky moves.

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