I’m getting ready for my February travel adventure, a month working with Antonio Vantaggiato at Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

On thing I will be doing is co-teaching his course Nuevos Medios Digitales y Redes Sociales – INF 115. IN fact, I am doing my “assignment” since he runs a Feed WordPress aggregator, and I need a tagged post here to add to the mix.

This week I got to see and talk to the students via Skype.

Antonio asked about setting up a Daily Create for the course. In past iterations of his course, he had his students do some daily photo sharing through flickr, and I offered to set up a Daily Blank site with a focus on daily photography challenge. The idea is for the students to practice their photo skills, observations of the world, but also share and engage with others via social media.

I suggested calling it “The New Daily Shoot” in honor of the site that started a lot of this Daily stuff. But I have some qualms about the use of “shoot” as a gun reference. Maybe I overthink that.

So I tried playing with some Spanish names with Google Translate and ended up with what might not be grammatically correct as Una Foto Cada día


I populated the first week with some ones recycled from the original Daily Create’s Photography category — this worked well because I could pull responses as the example image.

The first one is one I will walk the students through Monday, when they are in class. My plan is to have them do the challenge there in the moment.

#fotodia1 Compare Your Shoe With Someone Else

#fotodia1 Compare Your Shoe With Someone Else

Yes, some people might say this is too easy. But my philosophy on creating Daily Creates is not to make them challenging, that if someone wants to do it quickly, they can take that route, but make it open ended enough that some people will take it in unexpected directions or intensities.

That is, leave the making it challenging up to the person doing the assignment, not baked into the assignment.

So in this case, I want one they can do right there in the classroom, but also where they have to do it with someone else. Yes, it’s easy to make a photo of two people’s feet together; that’s a snapshot. But some may think about the positioning, or the background, or doing something wild with light or shadow, or maybe do it differently, like put their shoes on their hands or heads.

In setting these up you have to think of the base tag the site will use, nothing too complex or hard to remember. I went with fotodia which will make the hashtags end up being #fotodia1, #fotodia2, #fotodia3. It’s not a problem that it is used elsewhere in twitter, because the site does not just look for tweets tagged #fotodia1 they must also be sent to @Avbot2.

If you are interested, and it is helpful for the students to get feedback from people outside their course, please responded before Monday to the first Foto Dia — take a creative photo of your shoe next to someone else’s and tweet it including #fotodia1 @Avbot2.

And then follow @Avbot2 or the #inf115 tag to see the other ones we will be doing all of February.

Please send me sympathy for having to spend the month of February in Puerto Rico!

Top / Featured Image Credit: I looked a while for a photo to represent this new web site, lots of people holding their camera (mostly male, and the ones with women looked more like fashion models) but loved this one for having a male and female figure, but she is more prominent– flickr photo by ralphbijker http://flickr.com/photos/17258892@N05/2588342742 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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