Tomorrow (or maybe today in some parts of the world, ok January 11), is the first day of our rodeo for Western 106. What are you in for? Well let me tell ya…

If you can last with us to part we are makin’ videos, well, you just might be able to make something that pretty. Or better.

These here first two weeks are meant to get you set up with a blog, connect it to the ds106 site, and begin to make that blog space yer own. We call this Blog Riding Camp (as opposed to other open course that talk about “bootcamp” — to me, boots are fer walkin, not campin.

We got the Duke to lead ya in camp, he’s good with that chalkboard, eh?…

The Duke gives a Blog Riding Camp lecture. We don't do lectures in Western106...

The Duke gives a Blog Riding Camp lecture. We don’t do lectures in Western106, gotta talk to him…

This here blog dispatch is just to announce the stuff, all the details (a whole stagecoach full of ’em) are in the course outline If you like getting ’em in yer pony express email, then sign up for the Western 106 Tinyletter

Also something new for the mix we are trying- this and each Wednesday at high noon mountain time (check your own time, willya) we are going to do a Western106 Show live on DS106 radio. Another dispatch will have that detail for ya. But this week, our guest to kick us off is a cowgirl from the United Kingdom; Mariana Funes, veteran DS106 participant and DS106 Shrink on the couch, writer, GIFfer, radio star– is our guest.

Lots of folks get all wrapped up on their blogs in the paint and hangin’ curtains, picking purty themes. My advice is to start it plain simple, get the structure firm, make sure you can ride and post and link and embed media. Get your writing skills down.

And then later you can put up yer lace and doilies. But you can do what you want. It’s yer horse.

We also ask you to do a few blog posts about yerself, what you know or think of Westerns, and also ask you to do some readin and watching two stories from TV shows, radio shows, short stories, or comics.


In this world, there are two kinds of people. Those who take regular MOOCs and those who blog in DS106. You blog.

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