We’re out of the shoot, and I’m a seeing good action in the blog riding corral and lots of stuff flyin over in the twitter pen. Accordin’ to Stacy Stats, we got 54 blogs signed up and they have shot out 209 blog posts.

And there’s way more than 600 #western106 that we go in the TAGS catcher (I put Lefty in charge and he plum forgot to turn the auto switch on, now fixed). When we visualize dem tweets… well it looks like some kind of tumbleweed, eh?

All those tweets are tumblin' twitterweeds!

All those tweets are tumblin’ twitterweeds!

And we will do another High Noon Radio Show this week, that is Wednesday January 20 at HIGH NOON Mountain time (if you are in some other land or time, figure out your own clock). We got Ken Bauer piping in from Mexico and Jim Groom from whereever he is this week. It will be excitin’ for sure.

But enough horn tooting… we are doing our second week of Western106 Blog Ridin’ Camp. This guy El Indio and his pals were laughing and talkin how they was fallin’ off the blog ridin’– gotta take care of some business here.

I got a message for y’all

Okay, so the shoppin’ list of chores for Unit 2 looks long. You don’t get much success out on the Wild Wild Web without doin’ some hard work. If that’s askin’ a bit much, maybe you better go back to the city and move into a shiny NanoMOOC.

This week, was want you to think of the blog, the thing, that is writin’ and fittin’ it out, but also as a process, and the idea of narrating your work. We call a lot on the wisdom of Gardner Campbell- his idears of a Personal Cyber Infrastructure plus blogging as Narrate, Curate, Share. We hope you find some Ecstasy over the Bag of Gold.

And bloggin’ is more than just slapping some words and a picture into a post and callin’ it done. We got some suggestions for how you can Blog Like a DS106 Champ.

Then we ask you to ramp up for commentin’ on other blogs. This ain’t just shouting out from your own moiuntain top; we are a cooperative community. Dig into some ideas for Constructive Commenting.

Most of y’all are doing Daily Creates, so keep it up. But don’t just be whizzing them out like arrows- take some time to write a blog summary of your TDC work. Keep a track on yer own blog. Cause stuff in twitter just flows down the river into some lake or darn ocean, where you may never find it agin.

Then there are some things we ask you to consider to be part of the Western106 Ranch buildin; crew, ways you can contribute and add to the resources for everybody. I’ve got a big ole idea only partly sketched out at the bottom of unit 2. I’d be mighty appreciative if you give it some brain cells to think about it.

And last, the thing that shows us you are ready to be done with Blog Ridin’ Camp and next week start going out into the Storytelling Frontier. We want you to figure out how to do an animated GIF from a western movie.

Go for a ride with someone

and take some water, cause it’s hot out there

These are some examples I did for the movie Fort Apache, which I renamed as Fort GIFpache.

The thing for you to do is.. if you never did a GIF before… is figure out how. I ain’t gonna lead you along by the hand. Out on the Wild Wild Web, you need to survive, and the route to survival is seeking help when you need it.

Okay. My work is done (well I got some bloggin’ of my own to do, running a course that is not a course is a lotta sweatin work!)

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