More grand plans upended- after dialing back my #Western106 plans as a “trail adjustment”, I was hoping to keep plugging along with the High Noon Radio show on DS106 Radio.

Travel, life, work interceded, and I dropped doing the show this week (also guest Bryan Alexander was down at the big EDUCAUSE EE-EL-EYE county fait in San Antone.)

That does not preclude future episodes, nor does it guarantee it. But I am remiss on not blogging a bit more of the last show that ran on the radio waves.

Because it was pretty dern good (slipping into the cowboy voice for unknown reasons).

Here is the playback archive…

High Noon Radio Show Episode 3

As someone who has been riding the strong, Sandy Brown Jensen did is a special gift by arranging a radio show with western novel author Molly Glass.

Molly spoke much of her approach to storywriting, of her focus on female character leads, and thanks to Sandy, we even had some author readings. Fantastic. We got to talk about Molly’s prize winning book (which Sandy was kind enough to send me through the postal express).

I think Sandy had some fun playing the teacher part and asking me to talk some insight into the book. I might have passed.

We had a grand old time sitting around the radio campfire, people were chiming in on twitter, we talked about movies (Molly knows a lot about them!), how few of them (especially Westerns) pass the Bechdel Test, and her interest as well in science fiction (and its overlaps with westerns).

Do yourself a favor and check out some of Molly’s works!.

And who knows? The fallen radio rider just may get back on the horse, especially if there is some prodding.

Top / Featured Image: I try to do the right thing; I search Google Images with options for results limited to ones licensed for reuse, and find this awesome photo on a 2013 To Love a Horse blog post — there is no license statement on the page or buried in the code. It is hosted on – is that a blanket rights issuing site? I doubt it. I reverse image search it and find it used on an 2012 horse lovers blog (also

The image does have some metadata traveling with it– a title of “Pictorialist B&W photo of a cowboy falling off a horse at a rodeo.” and description “B&W photo of a cowboy being bucked off a horse into the mud at a rodeo.” but those are dead search ends.

Okay, Google, your search is a tad broken! So another photo in the grey zone of reuse.

Google, you so broken!

Google, you so broken!

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