My big/little sister Harriet is quite talented in many creative areas. I have a 26 year old quilt she made, an oil painting of the bicentennial tall ships she did in her teens, and a re-designed kitchen thanks to her help and decor taste.

A little over a year ago she took up watercolor painting, and she has shared a number of ones she made from my photos.

But this one she texted me is stunning:

Felix in water color, painted by my sister...
Felix in water color, painted by my sister…

that she made from this photo I took of Felix the first week we was with me:

flickr photo shared by cogdogblog under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

I was trying to think of a way to show them together, and remembered– “DUDE YOU MADE A SPLOT FOR THIS!” That’s right, that’s what The Comparator does. Upload two images of the same size, and it publishes a “thing” where you can drag a slider across then to compare images.

Actually, if you go to the site, the demo image is the before / after photos of my kitchen that Harriet helped me redecorate:


I just made one with the Felix images– check out the Watercolored Felix on the SPLOT or… if my code works, I should be able to embed it here:

Well that’s how bad my code is, looks like some Javascript conflicts in ye old SPLOT.

Let’s try it with the TwentyTwenty plugin:


Wow, I would have never guessed as a bratty little brother that my older sister would be so cool, thanks Sis!

A Painting For Me
flickr photo shared by cogdogblog under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

Top / Featured Image: Screen shot of the Comparator SPLOT composite of my photo of Felix and the version my sister painted from the photo

The post "Felix Watercolored" was originally scraped from the bottom of the pickel barrel at CogDogBlog ( on April 28, 2016.


  • Kathy Onarheim

    Way to go Harriet!
    Brought happy tears to my eyes- the beauty of the creation and the connection of you and your brother and how special this dog is in bringing joy and love into so many lives.

    sniff….. warms my heart to see the good things of life and being human and the beauty of creating and sharing. LOVE!

  • Giulia

    That’s gorgeous! Captures the love and spirit of Felix perfectly.

  • Harriet

    Cool! I might tweak it a little bit before I send it to you! He has such a great expression!

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