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Some Cool Tech For #INF115

It took some alarm clock action, but was worth it to get up early for a Skype call with Antonio Vantaggiato and his INF115 students at Universidad del Sagrado Corazón.

It seems like a while ago, but only a few weeks since I left Puerto Rico, having spent a month at the University and helping Antonio with ideas for his class.

I’m eager to see the final video projects the students are working to finish this week, and we had some conversations today about identity online, choosing how much to put there, usefulness of blogging, establishing one’s own presence (GET A DOMAIN!), managing the flow of information.

One student has been consistently active on twitter; just 2 days ago Nydia tweeted me this video

which does an effective job of an emotional appeal to make a case for not being so busy to stay in touch with your family… though I felt the old man’s strategy to get attention was manipulative. What say you?

In response to a request from Nydia, I had told the students that I keep a running list of “cool” technologies I see by tagging them “cooltech” in pinboard (Antonio and I had hopes of introducing them to social bookmarking).

I had been meaning to add this to my site, and then went down a small rabbit hole of trying to hack the Pinboard WordPress plugin to have a shortcode (I just need to test).

But hey, why not do the classic route, and use the Feed2JS tool I wrote back in 2002– it still works. So Nydia, see my new Cool Tech page, or you can get an RSS feed from my pinboard link

Cool? Go there!

Do you know what is really cool? All the blogging those IN115 students have been doing- check it out

Top / Featured Image: What place is cooler than Cool California? I took the classic sign on a pass through there in 2012. And do you know what is cool? My cool photo of the Cool California town sign (flickr photo shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license) is used in the Wikipedia entry for the town. Cool!

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