A few weeks ago I shared some results of fixing a leaky faucet by using a choral explanation approach (nods to Mike Caulfield) when one looks at how to videos in YouTube.

In that time I also thought that we deal with this very often when looking at say products on Amazon or almost any other site where people post reviews. How do you sort out opinions when one person says the Fizzbit 300xJ is the best thing since butter and someone else says it’s a ripoff?

I also saw this on a recipe site, which can either be perfect or not work, depending who you are:

But I also realized (slaps head) this is what we have to do (or ought to be doing) with search results. How lucky is it to go with I Feel Lucky?

A few clicks back I was looking for a technical answer. I decided to create a Google Account for the UDG Agora Project (so all its hangouts could be in one YouTube account, and to schedule them all there).

It seemed sensible to (if possible) move some videos I made last year to this new channel, ones that are in my personal account. I was not feeling to optimistic (Google you so fickle with features) but searched on how to transfer a video from one youtube account to another.

The results…


The first one, the golden I Feel Lucky one kind of puts a pillow over my hopeful face:

Similarly, you can’t transfer data from one channel to another (this includes videos).

However, you can download your videos from your own channel. Once you’ve downloaded your video, you can re-upload it to a different channel. View count and other statistics will start over for the new upload.

It says, no you cannot transfer videos from one channel to another. The suggestion is tedious, download your video and re-upload.

The second result, from the IT department at Stonybrook University, also tells me, with abundant screen shots, to either request a Google Takeout (can I get fries with that?) of ALL my videos or download ’em one by one.

My hunch says the mp4 download will be degraded too.

Now here is where my memory unfraggles. When I did this search 2 weeks ago, the video in the 3rd result spot showed me the method I used. My Mr Kent’s video there now, is just another download approach. I see the answer now at result number 5 SOLVED: How to Easily Move A Video From One Youtube Account To Another

  1. Make sure the source video has it’s license set to Creative Commons– I may use this little video trailer for our online collaboration space. Now I know why this setting is valuable. Stay tuned.
  2. Go to the account where you want to transfer the video TO (i have it in another window).
  3. Click the remix button… yikes, now there is no remix button! I swear there was one before.
  4. Switch gears. Okay, in the destination account, open the YouTube Video editor (which again, Google, in its never out of beta design, does not seem to have a link directly in its YouTube interface).
  5. Paste the URL of the source video in the Search videos box- it should find the video, and present it as an icon (if it does not turn up, my guess is the license is not set to creative commons or Google again changed the way it works).
  6. Drag the video to the box where it says… “drag this video”
    If you have never used this editor, you may be in for a surprise. You could trim sections, or combine with other clips. You can change the audio track. And add text. You can only edit your own clips or others that are license Creative Commons./li>
  7. But we are just doing a simple remix/copy. You can change it’s title from “Me Edited Video” to something that means something. But this editor let’s you do a “remix” where it’s an outright copy (which is ok because of the license). But it ends up in the new account.

It should only take a few minutes. But this approach is easier IMHO than downloading and re-uploading.

But now the video that originally was on my account at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6Gei4ayE8I is now on the UDG Agora account at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3IbT1EQAXM… when Google sang to me it could not be done.

I will add that the result that leads to Quora does provide a discordant chorus in its own space. The top results summarizes the method that works (although it is now off because there is no “remix button”). The second result, from a YouTube Product Manager says it cannot be done (WRONG), and actually the rest of the chorus sings along “It cannot be done”.

But it can.

The question is, how much do you spend trying to find the “right” singer in the chorus? I would look to the answers that says it can be done before concluding it cannot.

Top / Featured Image : I started searching Google Images (results set to licensed for reuse only, as one does) (this one) (despite the insane discrepancy in results) on “two singers”, but making it “duet” had better results. I really wanted singers that maybe looked like they were not singing together, but these ravens were just too cute.

This flickr photo by Ron Mead https://flickr.com/photos/ronald-mead/2678807340 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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  1. I love posts like this. Noodling about in the mess and then pulling up a fish. Loose narrative from the chorus. Kitchen table federation where the kitchen table is the Net and where the federation is whoever the question attracts. Thanks for the splainification. Even if I had no particular use for this particular Google-ality, it would still be useful.

  2. Times like this, posts like this, teach me a question I may someday have to ask…and I’ll remember there was an answer and 10 to 1 I’ll think to search your site for an answer!

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