No accounts, no logins, no personal information needed. It’s almost SPLOT-like, this zen-ish

Almost nothing on the screen.


There is no resemblance to some other mid-sized writing platform

Simple inlne editing
Simple inlne editing
Embed media via a URL
Embed media via a URL

You can put your name on the author line or not. Once you publish, you can only edit while your session is active in the browser. After that… it’s fixed in internet stone.

But you do get, for free, a place you can publish something at a public URL; this was my first play

It’s of interest to my current projects to have an easy way for someone to publish something at a link they can share. Yes, it’s not in your own domain, and it might disappear. But it could not be easier to write something online, and not give way your data.

UPDATE No 28, 2016

Top / Featured Image: flickr photo by mpclemens shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

The post "The Minimalist Writer" was originally yanked out of the teeth of a rabid chicken at CogDogBlog ( on November 28, 2016.


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