Is there an expression for missing something obvious right in front of your eyes?

This happened earlier this year and slipped through the blog cracks. I was doing some research for a healthcare rant I eventually published over there at I had looked up some stats for ACA usage in Arizona, and had a link from open in a tab for a week or more.

It wasn’t until I was writing and decided to link to the page. I scrolled to the top, selected the text for the title, went back for the URL… something nudged my mind, and I looked at the photo there. Hey, it was my own photo! And a photo of my friend, Giulia!

I almost missed my own photo reused, and it was right in front of my face, and I almost missed it.

Not only that, this site got everything right there in a well done attribution. They had flipped the photo and converted it to black and white, this is the original:

That was when Giulia visited Arizona in 2012, taken somewhere out along the Salt River, east of Phoenix.

Not lost is some irony is the photo they picked to represent information on insurance coverage in Arizona is of someone who lives in Canada!

Speaking of seeing my photos, I had told Robin Derosa that I am “chuffed” (showing of my familiarity with British expressions, which is not even relevant) that she’s been making use of my photos in her presentation slides:

And she’s on a heck of a presentation circuit. Thanks Robin!

It’s interesting to see photos taken from different times and places threaded together as metaphors for her talks. Some are familiar but take some memory scratching to recall where and when they were taken. And for full irony, Giulia makes an appearance again in slide 25

Featured image: 8351 flickr photo by Panegyrics of Granovetter shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

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  1. I don’t know where i have this impression, but I think Robin uses your photos on purpose, right? I have an interesting different story. I end up using your photos occasionally because you have so many photos, I actually bump into them often (also because I follow you on a Flickr and you have LOTS of good photos). But what I did notice more than anything is that if I have a choice to use a photo by someone I know vs someone I don’t, I will tend to use a photo by someone I know… And more recently, I consider taking my own photos. I am just not yet disciplined enough about uploading them properly to Flickr with good titles/meta data

    1. I’ll leave the explanation to Robin; she started doing this recently. Some of her slide decks from a few months ago have similar content with different image. She did tell me she was going to request some photos from me but has been able to find from what she found. I’m honored (or honoured) and I guess its her way to extend the gratitude circle.

      I agree, I am more inclined to choose photos from someone I know; I often come across ones from Tom Woodward.

      In workshops and presentations for a long time I have encouraged making your own images; it accomplishes two things (1) it negates any issue of copyright; and (2) it gives you a reason to hone and practice your own photo skills.

      I’m rather OCD on writing titles and descriptions and tagging. It’s just paying yourself forward in terms of being able to find your own images. Having done daily photos since 2008, I have a running visual record where I have been and when. It’s been instrumental to helping me remember events, people, etc.

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