Dog turds and clickbait are a match.

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Yesterday I was in Payson, the “big” town nearest me (~15,000 people, where there is a Home Depot, Walmart, Safeway, doctors, fast food, hospital, maybe one good coffee shop.

I had a string of appointments lined up.

There was one I could not schedule was for today. I got a card that Felix needed a shot and parasite test at the veterinarian. I had switched to a new one at his one year anniversary.

So one of my appointments went quicker than I thought, and I had 40 minutes before getting my truck in for an oil change / tire rotation at Big O. So I took Felix for a walk in the neighborhood around the hospital.

Right in front of the Mormon church adjacent to the hospital, Felix stopped and took a big dump right on their manicured bushes.

My dog crapped on a church.

In my wooded neighborhood, I usually leave his deposits to do their biological breakdown, but in more populated areas I try to be conscientious and carry a bag.

Except today.

I looked around.

Nobody there.


I should be a good citizen.

A lady called out from a car in the street.

“Do you have a bag?”


“No, I will have to go back to my truck to get one. Do you have one?”

She shook her head no. Was she being snoopy or helpful?

So I walked back to my truck. I could just leave easily.

That’s lazy.

Then I remembered I needed a “sample” for Felix’s vet appointment, so it made sense to not only clean up, I could even walk over today and drop his stool sample off at the vet.

I got my bag and sample.

We walked to the vet office, and dropped the sample. They asked me if I wanted it to go out today, which meant I had to pay for it. Then the lady at the desk said, “I don’t see your appointment in the computer.”

Click. Click. Click. Click.


“I’m sure it was for 11:30am” I said.

She said, well we could do it at 10:30am.


“What is the appointment for?” she asked. “You were just here a month ago.”

“I think it was the diptheria shot and a fecal test.”

More clicking.

She said, “You are up to date on everything, the shot you got is good for 3 years.”

“But I got the reminder card from Payson Pet Care.”

“This is not Payson Pet Care!”


Then it made sense. I got the card reminder from Felix’s old vet. I called the number thinking it was the new one.

I did not need an appointment and they did not need my bag of dog poop.

So this is trivial, but if Felix had not crapped at a church, if I had not brought it to my new vet, today I would have shown up there for an appointment I made at another office that I did not even need.

A string of “because this happened, this happened, than that happened.”

This story is about dog poop but it’s not.

It’s how a series of linked events starting with shit can toggle into something that works out beautifully.

And something two people in a veterinarian’s office can laugh at, now and in the future.

I want a life full of crazy sequences like this, not pre-planned data driven experiences “that dovetail into some company’s ‘heartbeat'”

I’ll take dog shit over big data any day.

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