Yesterday’s twitter was piped with laments of the too early death of musician Chris Cornell.

I have to admit not knowing much of the man, but his distinctive voice and raw style have been swirling in my mixes for a while, a handful of Temple of the Dog and Soundgarden tracks.

Dr Sava(SavaSava) reminded me too:

The original Soundgarden I know well is Rusty Cage but more so is that for a while I used the Johnny Cash cover as a metaphor for the idea of remix being more a new interpretation than an exact cover, like a tribute band.

I had rolling around the file system a mashup of the two versions, I pulled the overlapping clip into a video that is likely a copyright violation (come get me):

I also got an email of mourning/tribute from Jabiz Raisdana who is taking this year as a social media / blogging hiatus (damn I miss your voice, brother). Cornell meant a whole lot more to Jabiz, being in the way the music and musicians of your teen and young adult are the ones that embed in your DNA.

Cornell was a bit later in my life arc, so my connection is not as vivid, but I appreciate it.

The music that was incised in my soul was actually even from a former wave, for me the British Rock invasion of the late 1960s early 1970s. It’s still the dominant stuff in my pod mix. Mine was

And when I ready the Cornell died at 52, I sit here at but two years older and think… maybe Pete was wrong.

I want to get old before I die.

I don’t want the music to be over for a long time.

Featured Image: I sought out Google Images searching on needle turntable looking for a photo of the arm of a turn table at the end of an LP or in the dead wax. This image was the closest I found. The funny thing is… that it’s my own photo 2012/366/25 Drop a Needle flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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