A call came in from Aaron Davis on the coding request line came through for my Export Posts to CSV WordPress plugin.


He microblogged today a mention
A plugin of mine he had a plan
I knew he might need a correction
An issue submitted may mean I can

No, you can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
But if you submit an issue sometime you find
You get what you need.

To clarify, Aaron was asking a rather specific kind of data to be returned in this plugin that exports data on WordPress posts. But I guessed the thing Aaron was asking for was stored as post meta data (aka custom fields), and it seemed reasonable to add a feature to the plugin that would let you list the names of any post-meta fields.

So if Aaron’s desired data is stored in a postmeta field named post_kinds he can add that as an option in the new version. And maybe he also seeks data on values of cheese? One can add multiple postmeta keys, each separated by a comma.

Add names of post meta data fields in the new version of this plugin.

These will be returned as values in columns at the end of the export (in my example, I don’t have any of Aaron’s data, but there is some cheese in my posts!).

New columns added to the end of the data as columns

I challenged myself to make the changes over breakfast; that was achieved. The extra time was spent writing this post, and making its graphic. That’s how I work.

Thanks Aaron for suggesting the feature, I can see it being useful. So you sometimes can get the features you want. Well at least from me.

Featured Image: Heavily edited remix of record label from 45cat.com, so obviously a parody done in the sake of… well good music. Don’t sue me, eh?

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  1. Hi Alan,
    Love reading about the WP work you are doing recently. This is great. I am hoping that the indieweb plugins of which post kinds is one, get wider adoption.

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