Things can go crazy for you when your parents go changing… especially when that’s a change in a WordPress parent theme.

This might be important for you if you have used the TRU Writer SPLOT theme. I got a message from Tim Owens about a site where the featured images disappeared; there was an error message in the JavaScript console that hinted at the problem.

Javascript error messages indicating a missing function

At least this is one thing I cannot blame on WordPress 5.0 GutenBlob…

To cut to the chase, an update to the parent Radcliffe theme changed the way the featured images are displayed. If your WordPress automatically updates themes, it grabbed a new version of Radcliffe.

Previously Radcliffe used the Backstretch jquery code to scale the images, and the developer switched to a CSS approach.

Makes sense.

Except the TRU Writer SPLOT had code relying on Backstretch, so it took a wee bit of rewriting (maybe 6 files) of the child theme code. You see, children in WordPress are dependent on their parents.

This is updated now in version 1.2 of TRU Writer.

You will know you are affected if the lovely big images on the front and single items are now just empty white spaces.

A TRU Writer site affected by changes to the parent theme, where there were once images is now just empty space.

Updating to the current version of the theme puts them back (as well as cleaning up some other minor formatting issues). This is a good test for anyone who has made a site via the Reclaim Hosting cpanel one click installer for TRU Writer; when they connect the most recent changes, it should trigger an update automatically (that’s just one of the many reasons to be with Reclaim)

Updating the TRU Writer SPLOT theme will bring the images back!

The moral is, keep your eyes on your parents….

Featured Image: Pixabay photo by coombesy shared into the public domain using Creative Commons CC0 (cropped to better fit featured image dimensions).

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