Even while preparation falls into place, it was due to to put out a promo video for another round of Ontario Extend Domain Camp.

In the first year of the project, Domain of One’s Own was a component of this provincial-wide program to empower educators with a learning-focused approach to technology integration.

While not required at all to complete the program, we still feel it is the route educators ought to aim at, to be free of the hidden data costs of free services, as well as not be limited to the capabilities of free platforms.

But learning to manage a domain, navigate the array of cpanel tools is a lot to take on. Last summer, we ran an informal series of activities over the summer. For four weeks we offered things to do from the Activity Bank aimed to cover the basics of domain management, setting up a landing page, installing WordPress a few times, and exploring the other apps available. Then we added a few more specific weeks of WordPress focused activities. I’ve moved them off the main page as they will need some updates, but if you like to see the whole program, see the 2018 Domain Camp pages.

So we are revving it up again this year, see the invitation where you will also see a signup form. Camp is open to anyone interested in following along.

The format is simple- a weekly new page added to the site, an offer to drop in for open office hours, and a community space to connect. The hope was also to have people use the Reclaim Hosting Community Newbies Corner as a place to get help from each other (and they are so nice, you can join there even if you are not a client). This year we will also offer a channel in our Slack for campers.

I cannot claim that all of this will make you a Domain Master- it only happens over time with regular effort, occasional breaking things. And I acknowledge it’s not for everyone; what is more important is that you find and use a place to publish and share your ideas.

It’s for people new to domains our those who have spun one around a while. The first thing, will be of course signing up to register a domain name and a web hosting account, so there is some stake in the game called for.

And if this helps, the rumors are true… the eCampusOntario wizards are at work developing a Camper badge for those that complete the basic activities, and even, maybe, a counsellor badge for those who provide support to others.

It gives me a chance also to be goofy once a week on video… yes, the camp setting was my back yard. I was hoping you could hear the bird sounds over the wind.

Regardless, stay tuned for a launch around June 11, stay tuned to us on twitter and also https://extend-domains.ecampusontario.ca/camp

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