10 Posts from April 2021


Whispers and a Telephone

Not that it’s that blog worthy that as maybe the most frequent SPLOT user, “I Did It Again”, but I thought this concept was nifty. Timely. Perhaps even resonating. And I am also going to violate the rules I set out by blogging it, but I think the site as crested (as in a tiny […]


Doh! WordPress

It was just shy of 16 years ago (Homer’s math was wrong) that I dove into WordPress on this here blog. I still make Homer head-slapping type mistakes. Here’s today’s edition. Maybe you do not know this. but WordPress does it’s best to connect the name for a post if there is not an exact […]

Blog Pile, Rants


There is a look in the encounter, from the unmasked to the masked. This is that unstated message, as so, is totally inferred, perhaps imagined? Yet. I feel it each time in encounter with ay service person, pumping gas, or in an encounter outside our bubble home. When I am masked or first to mask, […]

Rants, Reclaiming Your Web

Web Handicraft

Might the antidote to some future/present sense of powerless miasma to an algorithmic fueled inescapable AI matrix be just human created quirkiness? Join me (or click away quickly now) for another rummaging in an old hard drive of 1990s website files for a taste of the uncharted freedom when we created digital content without platforms […]