This is how it’s gonna be.

On Tuesday morning, I got really really tired, so tired I had to lay down. I am not a napper in any way. I may have sacked out 2 or 3 hours on the couch.

I thought maybe it was from several up and down incidents the night before with my blood sugar. I slipped some from the healthy eating track over the break, and being Type I diabetic, it’s more than just tossing out some resolutions to feel better.

There was ice cream (low sugar variety) while we watched movies Monday night, but I forgot to check my blood sugar. That sinking feeling, intense thirst, waking at 2am was familiar. I trudge downstairs (where 3 cats are wide awake having a romp), and confirm with a blood test I pegged high (14.9). So I take some insulin to bring it down.

Except I miscalculate, because at 4:30am I awake with a different familiar adrenaline fueled feeling. Now I now I am low. Back downstairs (no cat), and when I test, I had rollercoastered the other way (1.9 not a safe number). But this means I can savor some orange juice and maybe a few of those maple sugar cookies I like. Maybe I had a few too many, because in the morning, I have bounced back high.

These ups and downs throw me for an energy bop, and I thought maybe that was it.

Except for the throat tickling. And a few sniffles.

Of course the first though is *****ing covid. I do a home test. Oddly/poorly designed, a single line where it is marked “C” is negative, it’s seeing a “C” line and a “T” line that is the losing number.

Whew, Negative
Whew, Negative flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

I am up the next day for an 8am meeting. I felt okay at first, but right after, I am zonked again. Do another test.


I have no focus and email in sick.

There are no real covid symptoms beyond feeling exhausted, no aches, I still have sense of smell.

But it’s all you can think.

What if I got it.

What if I spread it to my family.

Test again.

Third negative.

After a better night sleep last night (no diabetic up and downs) I feel a bit better.

I’m very sure it’s no covid.

But it ticks away at the back of your mind.

Hello, new normal. ****ing hello.

I’m positively negative on the test and negatively positive on the rest.

And I am damn fortunate from what I read and the stories I get from friends.

I am positive about that.

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2017/365/276 Positive on that Negative Space?
2017/365/276 Positive on that Negative Space? flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

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