Current hyped mythology includes the idea that from the outside of one of the MagicalAI machines you can somehow conjure up what produced it. Or can you loop back?

Promises, promises.

But the ride might be interesting.

As he does frequently, my friend and colleague Grant Potter slides me so many interesting sites and tools, I mostly end up re-sharing them through my Pinboard #cooltech (and posted as #cogdogcooltech to Twitter while it lasts and Mastodon).

Like just today:

Sure I could tag, bag, and boost, but I prefer running these things through the paces.

The premise of Img2Prompt is from an image created spawned spit out by Stable Diffusion it can go in and magically suggest/produce a prompt that can create it. Then you can run it and test— can you make a full round trip?

To give it a try, I went to Stable Diffusion Online (free, no login, can it last?) and started trying to make a suitable image. But instead I reached for one suggested “an insect robot preparing a delicious meal” — thus I get these:

Stable Diffusion Playground with prompt entered "an insect robot preparing a delicious meal". 4 image results below of mechanical like insects, only 2 really look like they are preparing a meal
Yeah, robot insects cooking?

Sure the images are better quality than those quaint craiyon ones, but I don’t find them really great. They have the same degree of … sameness. The ones on the left are not really preparing food, so I chose the top right one, lt looks like a metal insect standing in a bowl of taco mixings.

When uploaded to Img2Prompt, what did I get?

a robot – sized bee, salad. it’s hard to believe the power of a machine – made from it. i think this machine is the real one.

prompt generated from an image, rather chatty, eh?

I cannot say I was impressed, but I wanted to try the full loop, and had it generate a new image from this prompt concocted from the first image.

Im2Prompt with uploaded Stable Diffusion image of a mechanical like insect sanding in a bowl of what looks like salad. 

The predicted prompt "a robot - sized bee, salad. it's hard to believe the power of a machine - made from it. i think this machine is the real one." was then used to generate a different image, more of a  bee hovering behind a dandelion.

Well yes, I got a bee, not robotic, not salad, not real.

Some round trip.

Well the site suggested trying an image from something not generated by Stable D. I have a few, I took this one to toss in the machine:

I Have An Alibi
I Have An Alibi flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

I tossed Felix and the busted toy in Image2Prompt, which yielded… stand back for the wows….

a large dog in the middle of a room, with green slime and some brown stains on the floor, hyper realistic 4k

some kind of prompt?
Img2Prompt tried with uploaded photo f brown and white dog looking innocent standing next to a chewed up green toy.

The predicted prompt was "a large dog in the middle of a room, with green slime and some brown stains on the floor, hyper realistic 4k"

It then generated a photo of a green colored dog in the middle of a wood floor room

I am not sure where green slime came from, but this image seems to have slimed the dog.

At least the wood floor is shiny and has some realistic light sources.

It’s interesting, but…

Featured Image: Historic Columbia River Highway – The Rowena Loop by Brett Hansen placed into the public domain as a US Government work.

The Historic Columbia River Highway loops around beneath the Rowena Crest Viewpoint. Byway travelers descend from the viewpoint to the loops below.
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