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Random Musing

The Original Q

I’ve tried to shedding much attention on OpenAI CEO drama. But after hearing whiffs of vapor about some Q star thing and the Amazon rolls out some other AI hooplah named… Q there is only one recourse. Mocking. That’s right, I haken back to my childhood adoration of the original James Bond flicks (I am […]

Ideas, Rants

Lying, Hallucinating? I, MuddGPT

Sigh, one cannot avoid The Topic, the Only Thing as it has been grailed. At least it provides fodder for some mocking. It’s so easy even with the merest of ChatGPT et al interaction to respond under the influence of the Weizenbaum effect made visible in the verbs we choose. And like Laura Czerniewicz wrote […]

Random Musing, Rants

Humanery and/or Machinery

Despite the apparent demise of blogs the flat line of the RSS-ograph blips with a pulse from David Kernohan “on chatbots.” FOTA is alive! Unsure if my comment gets through the gate (a first one generated a critical WordPress error, sorry, David), but I have to at least assert my assertion, as if it blips […]