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On Blogging

Somewhere over there on the sidebar of this blog are some random quotes related to blogging… well actually they are quotes about writing that I have subverted for my own felonious pleasure. The full set of quotes are spit out below. For those seeking the “how ya do it” it’s the Quotes Collection Plugin

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Blogging is Being

If you’ve ever been in the audience for a Gardner Campbell conference presentation/keynote. you know the “more than a slide deck” kind of feeling there. I’ve been there. I like to call him the “Poet Laurete of Ed Tech” (though the ‘tech’ part seems limiting). But, if like me, you’ve been fortunate to be in […]

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Blogging by Dictation

I am composing this blog post completely by speaking to my iPhone and using the Dragon dictate at Janelly record and transcribe what I say I’m getting this idea reading the June 2011 issue of wired magazine Clive Thompson’s article hold that thought subtitle voice recognition software is changing how we write maybe even have […]