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Paging Image Detectives

Surely with all the algorithms, a cartoon image should be easy to find… (and no, Google, I will not stop calling you Shirley). I got a message from Mariana Funes who wants to use this image on her Daily Stillness site. A she is a zealous diligent open educator, she is unwilling to do so […]

On Media

Don’t Trope on Me

Gah TV. For someone who was totally raised from watching 1970s cartoons, sitcoms on a large glowing box, my hunger these days to “watch” is nil. Not being any kind of “All TV is Bad” purist, I just choose not to have it beamed in my house. I find IM just end devouring time better […]

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Ambient Sounds Story

This is a slight twist on the ds106 Sound Effects Story assignment– a short story done with only audio effects. Rather than use ones from a library, I mixed together a set of voice-less sounds I made or got from my surroundings. The story first.. http://cogdogblog.com/wp-content/audio/the-keys.mp3 All of the sounds were recorded on my iPhone […]