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It’s my greatest creative outlet, a dog with a camera.

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In the Cloud and on the Group Cover and not Down the Drain

The unexpected responses to online activity, sharing openly, are the things that sparks my optimism the most. This most recently happened through a flickr email notification: Hi ! Congrats! The photo 2022/365/226 In the Cloud (*that* kind of cloud) you added to the group CSSS: Canada’s Thunderstorms has been selected to be its cover photo. […]

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back into the Google Image CC Search Waters Again…

Cue the music. Baddddum. Baddddum… Pinging Martin Welller… It’s been a while (maybe 6 weeks but that’s like 2 eons in blog years) since I last blabbed about the bad smell or worse or just missing items in Google Image’s Creative Commons License search. Danny Sullivan, who I believe works for Google as a “search […]