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DeLillo Double Time

A few weeks ago, as a favor for a friend buying a computer, I did something unusual. I went inside a mall. My formative late teen age years were spent at Security Square Mall in Baltimore (named for its proximity to the headquarters of the Social Security Administration). My last job before leaving Arizona was […]

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Not Dog Writing? The Dog Reading

cc licensed flickr photo shared by dchrisoh This year I fell out of NaNoWriMo only 12 days in, and it was a good thing. I could sense form where I was, that my attempt at writing a World According to Dogs novel was maybe at best, a not original idea and not welle executed. But […]


Shoot ‘Em Up Talk Show

Imagine this- a full immersive 3D world where people from remote locations can share and collaborate ideas… and they can blow each other up. I am not a vidoe gamer but can very much appreciate the novelty, originality, and sheer sarcastic fun of This Spartan Life, or how it is billed, “A Talk Show in […]