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Dave Has a Better Magic RSS Box

One of the biggest speed bumps in doing a connected course in the Feed WordPress style approach is having people figure out the arcane URL for their Blog’s RSS Feed. It’s relatively easy and discoverable if someone’s entire blog is devoted to the course or project, but gets messier if someone wants to use a […]


Scheduling Stuff to Happen in WordPress

Most people will never need such a thing in a WordPress site, but outside the boxes of blogging, where WordPress is a Swiss Army Knife, there are situations where you need to run a script or do something on a regular interval. Maybe it’s polling social media. Maybe it’s updating some information about your site. […]


Building ETMOOC Twitter Syndication/Archive

UPDATE June 19, 2013 Since twitter has killed their version 1 API, there is no longer a public RSS feed provided for twitter activity. Expect new solutions to emerge, one that is usable now is this method from labnol to convert the new JSON feeds to RSS using a Google Script. This method works in FeedWordpress.

I’m growing more and more and more and more (more?) interested in building out more syndication architectures like we have done in ds106, at a range of scales from te 600 feeds we crunch for ds106 to the 40 or so we did for the Project Community Class down to the 2 I do for my own self syndication.

Leaning towards the bigger end, I have been working to set this up for the ETMOOC thing Alec Couros (and about 90 other people it seems) are launching soon. It’s been a great chance to stretch some WordPress chops with FeedWordPress in place for the syndication engine.

Below I outline how I created the site that is archiving the tweets – http://etmooc.org/tweets


Hubs of Syndication

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by Thomas Hawk We are big on hubs here at the hub of CogDogBlog. In fact, well, let’s say I am writing something profound about networks and syndication, mainly because I am setting up and testing some blog syndication for Alec Couros’s ETMOOC due to blast […]