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Rigging Up Chrome Search Shortcuts

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Pink Sherbet Photography Summoning a deep toned Don Fontaine voice In a world of 140 characters… every keystroke, every picosecond saved counts. There is one who can get to their search results the quickest… There are times when it benefits you to be the quickest search […]

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Accidental Timeline

By sheer accident I stumbled across the google search results display that matches results to a timeline, here is a technology timeline This apparently lists results that have both your search keyword and a date. I cannot figure out how I got there, but if you take any standard results, say the big wide search […]

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GSearch in GMail is GGreat

New in Google Labs is an add-on for having embedded web search in your email space- this means while composing a message, there is right in the mail interface a search form. The results appear in a GChat pop-up/overlay, and the results can be directly inserted into your message. In this case, I am emailing […]