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Inserting Images When You Cannot Upload Them

I’m a big proponent of using images with my online writing, all of my blog posts start with an image before I even write. But sometimes you do not have access to upload images, but with a little bit of know how you can sometimes insert them. This happened just today to Danny, a participant […]


Alt-ing Images: Describing Tweeted Photos

Twitter recently enabled features to add descriptions to uploaded images, a huge boon for accessibility. That’s a feature, how do you make it a habit? Well, by doing it. I’ve been trying most of the time. Alt text provides additional information to the HTML created when images are embedded in web pages. The primary purpose […]

Cool Tool Fool

Get Your Twitter TAGS on

Probably one way to make sense of activity of interest twitter is explore some numbers and visualization of them. Data visualization gets technically gnarly quick, but my go to tool ever since he first announce it is Martin Hawksey’s Twitter TAGS If you have a Google account, you can not only create a system to […]