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Image Seek: A Mozilla Thimble Make

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-ND ) flickr photo shared by maury.mccown While many people do seem to know of the Mozilla Foundation’s efforts to Teach the Web, at the same time, many don’t. Besides a great set of tools (Thimble, Popcorn Maker, X-Ray Googles) they are building out a raft of resources, teaching kits and […]

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#MoPoCoPa is Mom Powered Comment Patrol

We know comments on YouTube are bad. Really bad. And what are the great minds and engineers at Google doing? Bubkhas. Therefore, a small distributed group of technical savvy pissed off Mom’s have developed a new internet protocol invoked by calling #MoPoCoPa. With reverse geolocation DNA gene tracking database realtime quadro facto lookup, an offending […]

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Photos in a Photo Stories: a Thimble Make

Another Mozilla Webmaker make created with Thimble, actually this was just a test version I was trying out to see what kind of advanced interactions Thimble could do since they added Javascript functionality. The idea is to have larger photo with complexity within, and use a virtual “camera” viewfinder to make a series of snapshots […]