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Blogs, RSS, Wikis (“Oh My”)

Librarian David Mattison compiled this comprehensive , yet concise (is that possible) collection of resources for Blogs, RSS, and Wikis (gleaned from OLDaily).

It is not an encyclopedia of links, but contains many of the key resources for anyone trying to wrap their heads around how weblogs, RSS, and wikis are or might be connected. Useful sites for tools, and each of the “big three” topics contains a brief description to clarifiy what each leg of the stool stands for. e.g.”

You cannot explain wiki, you can only experience wiki.

Because wikis are best appreciated live, here are a number of sites you can try. One unusual aspect of wikis is that the wiki software sites themselves are often open and permit visitors to create their own pages. This is also true for some of the blog or content management system sites such as Drupal and Scoop/Kuro5hin. Because wikis come with their own language and culture, itˆ‚s considered good practice, as with a mailing list, to lurk around for a while, get the lay of the wiki, before diving in. In many wikis, anyone can delete content, but through versioning control and rollback capability, such vandalism is easily countered by a wikiˆ‚s community of users.

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