Dullest Blog in the World (over-blogging)

If ever I think I am blogging too many things, I can use the dullest blog in the world as my reference point.

Very tongue-in-cheek (we hope), this blog includes fascinating tidbits such as:

Taking a short break July 2
I was doing some things. After a while I decided to stop doing them and take a short break. At the end of the break I started doing the things again.
Hanging up a damp towel June 27
I had a towel in my hands. It was a bit damp. I hung it over the bannister so that it would dry off.
Picking up a piece of rubbish June 19
I saw that there was a small piece of rubbish on the ground. I stooped over and picked it up. Seeing a litter bin nearby I carried the item a short distance and deposited it in the bin.

and on and on it goes, loaded with comments to boot. While obviously sarcastic, look at this as an example of trying to blog way too much (I would have skipped the towel entry).

<tiphat>Credit to the very last line of the iCite entry, Would a blog by any other name still smell like a blog by any other name? itself a worthy read.</tiphat>

This is a part of “the wibsite”, a place where nothing written should be taken at face value:

The site started life in 1999 as ‘Wibblethorpe’s Tasty Nodules’ before becoming ‘Wibblethorpe.com’ and then The Wibsite. Using an old computer, several paperclips and a piece of string we added a little bit here, a little bit there and before we knew it we had a site with little bits added on here and there.
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