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NMC Presentation: “Connecting Learning Objects with RSS, Trackback, and Weblogs”

If you were unable to attend the New Media Consortium (NMC)’s Online Conference on Learning Objects iin October, you missed out on some great sessions and exchange of ideas, as well as a brand new platform for online conferences.

All presentations were created with Marcomedia Breeze (in essence streaming audio narrated content delivered as Flash), and the presentation I did with fellow conspirators Brian Lamb and D’Arcy Norman, I have downloaded and put on our web server: Connecting Learning Objects with RSS, Trackback, and Weblogs:

Customized Collections of learning objects from multiple repositories can be achieved with simple, existing RSS protocols, creating access to a wider range of objects than a single source. This presentation will demonstrate the approach via a scenerio of two faculty members who create RSS views into the collections from different organizations. Their blogs are connected to the RSS feeds and provide a component of object contextuality that is beyond the meta-data.

Via Breeze, you not only can pick your path through the content, you get our stilted voices, plus the actaul voices of our scenario stars, Lora and Boris, who hopefully we can retire soon and highlight real faculty who are using learning objects, believe it or not.

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