This blog will blink off line around Dec 30 or 31 when I hope to migrate our content and assorted scripts to the new XServe– I had thought it would happen by the end of the week before I vanish 10 days to my retreat, but it is rushed, and the last days of December seem more reasonable time.

If things go well, we might be out for 1-2 hours; if Murphy is around, well, you know how that goes.

This would impact anyone relying on our RSS2JS Feed Script so you might end up with blank areas on your feed area for a period of time. I am looking at ways I can redirect requests to another server, but that may not pan out.

Speaking of RSS2JS, I had to make a few minor tweaks to the scripts, mainly areas where there were some hard coded references to the scripts running from my server. This means a new copy of rss2js.php, rss2html.php, and build.php, as well as a new nosource.php (the error page for missing RSS URL). You can dl the whole package or just a archive of these changed files. Maybe over the break, I can clean up the sloppy main page.

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