Civic Responsibility Dialogue Day: Direct Pipeline into the MLX

Here is an example of how we are tying events, projects into the Maricopa Learning eXchange (MLX), and using syndication technology to provide a service.

Today is yet another of our Dialogue Days, one day topical faculty development activities– Civic Responsibility: From Awareness to Commitment:

What is the role of civic responsibility in our classroom and in the lives of our students? The American Association of Community Colleges’ civic responsibility initiative counters what is known as “civic disengagement” and provides a way for community colleges to establish a value of good citizenry across the continuum from educational institution to community. Many Maricopa faculty are using civic responsibility as a part of instruction to help students learn as they increase their awareness of issues, gather meaningful information, and explore ways to take action.

This interactive dialogue day is designed for faculty with any interest or involvement with civic responsibility.

You cannot exactly see it from the agenda, but part of the workshop activities in the afternoon involves the attendees developing sharing their teaching lessons that involve themes of Civic Responsibility, and then they will be adding these to the MLX to create a sharable library of resources…

The left side bar of the event page features an RSS Feed directly from the MLX, from items added to the MLX that have been identified as part of a Civic Responsibility,Special Collection, which has been seeded already with 16 items.

What we have added new to this MLX feature, is that to add an item to a special collection, you no longer have to provide a cryptic abbreviation code- we have made options for special collections to be “publicly” visible when packages are created, and adding an MLX item to a special collection is now just a click of a check box.

special collection menu

In addition, packages now can be associated with more than one collection. We still maintain the “secret” code box for other collections that may not just want anyone adding their items to a collection.

Anyhow, we expect to see a nice surge in MLX items later today.

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