It’s been more than a day since our Small Technologies Loosely Joined session and Brian, D’Arcy and I are pleasantly amazed that 35+ turned out for the last session of the day, put up with a small cramped room with not enough electrical outlets, and a zany activity of task work in 3 contrived groups. So it went as planned, a messy, noisy chaotic session.

The noise was really too loud to do much video chatting, but the technology worked great on the UBC wireless; I managed to connect with Pat Delaney in Shanghai and Gerry Paille in Fort St John. I know that Brian was also video chatting with Catie Gynn.

As predicted in went in (constructive) unintended directions. Very against the grain, if you peered in the room, you would have seen the Centralists working in small (decentralized) groups, some ding wiki work, some blogging, some iChatting, others even using a tool off the list (SubEthaEdit). Meanwhile on the other corners of the room the DeCentralists and even the FenceSitters where having a centralized discussion, and very intense.

I also managed to nudge two of our Centralists into a wee bit of wiki terrorism (attacking an opposing wiki)_

It seemed to be a well received judging from the babbling conversations, and more on the blog-o-aggregator.

But it need not end, the wiki remains open, the blogs are still commentable. Get in there and mess around

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Martin was a bit peeved at not getting an RSS Feed for the “NMC Continuing Coverage” blog aggregator provided by Stephen Downes (and he gets the concept).

Then Martin still was not satisfied when we provided him a URL for an RSS feed for Stephan’s tool, found with a few minutes of rummaging around EDU_RSS. Martin also missed the concept that Stephan’s tool was out of our realm of control (though he created it on request)– that we are “loosely” joined to it.

Martin wants things wide open a.k.a. DeCentralists (he wants the weblogs open to the world to edit, a behavior of wikis but rather rare in blogs) but he seems to want all information for our session provided in a comprehensive single site, tailored just for him, an almost rather ironic Centralist concept.

I am not writing to ridicule Martin but to help provide an example what the “Small Pieces” approach is all about.

Doing things the “Small Pieces” way means being resourceful and tapping into your networked community to find answers or solutions. It means doing a bit of digging before throwing your hands up in despair. It means accepting that the solutions are rarely provided as neatly organized 1-2-3 form, but will require some initiative. It means that everything is fluid and change-able.

Martin could have jumped write in the wiki and changed what we created, or posted a comment askign for what he wanted, or even done the digging and shared an answer.

But we did it instead. See the bottom of Small Technologies Loosely Joined, under the Follow heading. As most things net, there are multiple solutions that overlap in results. Human cognition and analysis is required.

Here are options including and addition to Stephen’s service to track the net activity related to Small Pieces Loosely Joined using the pieces available from Feedster, Technorati, Google (and Google Alert for RSS):

Now that is the small pieces way…. How’s that look Martin?

PS I do not know Martin and am not trying to pick on him- and as I wrote him, my tone is meant to instigate participating in this event, and sometimes as Edward Abbey said, you have to stir up the stew…

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