Here’s an example of something we’d love to see more of via our Maricopa ePortfolio system — a faculty member or any employee using the built in blog tool to provide coverage or notes from a professional conference attended.

Phoenix College Biology faculty and Ocotillo Chair John Arle did just that this week as he participated in the Instructional Technology Council e-learning 2006 Conference.

You can find his notes at:

Session coverage included among others, “Tailoring Discussions to the Asynchronous Environment”, “Proprietary v. Open Source Course Management Systems”, “Logon or Retire? Getting Senior Faculty On-line“, “Blackboard vs. Moodle: A Comparison of Online Teaching & Learning Tools”, and more.

And it is RSS-ified. And if John had been set up for it, he could have also podcasted coverage, since that feature is built in as well.

Doing this has that double impact of Social Software- it gives Johns a record of his thoughts and notes and makes it part of his teaching portfolio, but open to the public, he shares with others information from this conference.

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