Internet Chemistry

Time to dust off your memory cells for how the Period Table of the Elements is organized — but now it is mashedup, recast, and graphicly spun into a new version where websites replace the elements. Get ready to play with the Periodic Table of the Internet:


It’s really fun, and interactive, and an interesting (and debatable) in structure. Like the columns of the chemical table, the ‘net table has defined “groups” that are not associated by atomic structure, but function, like I for Search Engines, IV for Aggregators, XIII for Blogs, etc, and their row is according to “rank” – (which rank is not clear– and how the *%#^$ does Yahoo sit above Google?)

Anyhow, it makes for a fun visual for talking about the web, each element is hyperlinked.

Now my mind is wondering- how do these elements combine… do they form new compounds? Like

  • NtFr2– New York Times Flickr combo where news is tied to flickr photos?
  • ZeCr – an unstable metal wher your ads are laced with biting funny videos that mock your own sale items. Sells like hot cakes, though.
  • MeSn2Ut – The lies and falsehoods people put on MySpace are debunked by Snopes, and recast as YouTube videos (which are embedded back on MySpace, a out of control reaction phase)

It’s fun! Help make up more crazy chemicals!

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