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Flickr Wordle by cogdogblog
posted 29 Jun ’08, 9.26pm MDT PST on flickr

Everybody and their mother blogger has noted Wordle, the lovely tag generator. I thigk I was one of the first to note it, but hey, who gives a flying fart about being web first except blog-o–ego-maniacs.

Okay I was just google chatting with chilly Sue Waters and she share with me this site:

which beyond the weird feline URL, offers an interface that creates a tag list for a given flickr account, which, as text, can be put into Wordle, so the above image represents my tagging activity in flickr..

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  1. Hey, I acknowledged that I was copying you when I did my obligatory Wordle post. You were the first one I saw post about it. I don’t know if I count for anything, but I’m happy to give you the credit.

    It’s a cool idea to pull the tags from Flickr too, even if it isn’t the most user-friendly site at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Its actually also very cool to Wordle your account. MIne is on my blog, and I have started to put together other Wordles. It gets to be infectious and topics start to accumulate. I will spend an hour on various permutations and color schemes.

  3. I’m glad you like the Flickr Wordle tool. I had thought of using it on The Edublogger but decided it was a bit harder to use for those less tech savvy. I have been a bit harsh about Wordle but my mind is slowly being changed – did you know people have been Wordling the bible?

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