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Please No, Not Ms. Gesler!

I love the cleverness of Ken Rodoff’s description of the teacher you don’t want to be in “an unexamined summer“. I’d say more, but don’t want to give it away.

linkribution across the seas to Graham Wegner

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  1. First, is it bad to be the first person to leave a comment when the post is about the person first in line to leave a comment?

    Whatever the answer, it won’t stop me here.

    Thanks for the shout-out / sales-pitch / teaser trailer / validation for my blogging.

    I’m most impressed by the genesis of it all.

    1. I write a post about Presentation design.
    2. Graham leaves a comment.
    3. His comment leads me to another post, directly responding to his comment.
    4. He crafts an assignment for his students then writes a post about the experience.

    Oh, and he lives in Australia. I live in Pennsylvania.

    And where do you live?

    You know what else is impressive? That there are still coworkers of mine who refuse to see the power in all of this.

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