Make Fresa Number 1 on the Pet Charts!
Make Fresa Number 1 on the Pet Charts! by cogdogblog
posted 1 Jul ’08, 11.28am MDT PST on flickr

I got a comment yesterday on a flickr photo of Fresa The Cute Beagle letting me know her photo was part of a contest at Purina!

Congratulations, your photo made the Pet Charts for 7/1/2008! Vote it up the charts at:

And sure enough when I went t site, my photo was there… but in 10th place!

What to do? Vote! Click her icon in the bottom row, and then the Vote Now button. With a little help from my friends on twitter, she has zoomed up the charts, finally knocking that grey cat off the number 1 spot.

But I want more votes! Vote now and vote often (ahem other web browsers).

Go Do Go

A call out to twitter worked well

as long as the fail whale swims elsewhere, we are doing well.

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